Ring 3 Riding Horses

Ring 3-Riding Horses


Class 40

Best Hunter calculated to carry 13st 7lbs Upward.

Prizes: 1st €50; 2nd €30; 3rd €20.

Entry Fee: €8

Class 41

Best Hunter calculated to carry 12st to 13st 7lbs.

(conditions as Class 40)

Class 42

Best 4 year Old Hunter, Mare or Gelding.

 (conditions as Class 40)

Class 43

Best Small Hunter not exceeding 15.3 H.H.

 (conditions as Class 40)

Class 44

Best Coloured Riding Horse, Gelding or Filly, 4yrs & over 15.1. H.H and upwards

 (conditions as Class 40)

Class 45

Best Cob, Mare or Gelding not exceeding 15.1 H.H

(conditions as Class 40)

Class 45A

Novice Riding Class for 15HH & Upwards, 4yr old & over Mares or Geldings,strong>

Entry Fee: €8

Class 46

Racehorse to Riding Horse Class

(conditions as Class 40)

IHWT Thoroughbred Club Show Series Qualifier For Retired Racehorses 2017

The IHWT Thoroughbred Club retired racehorse Show Series
Thoroughbred mare or gelding, 4 years old or over, any height. Riders must be 16 years or over by Jan 1st in current year. Horses should be ridden in a snaffle, pelham or simple double bridle. Horses should be plaited. Winner and reserve go forward to the Final /championship. All entries must have registered with The IHWT Thoroughbred Club (registration is free at www.ihwt.ie) and include their registration number on entry form Horses must be retired and have raced in a point to point or on the racetrack. All those entering horses and/or participating in the show agree to be bound by the show Rules and Regulations from time to time in force’ Competitors must wear a safety/kite mark hard hat with a chinstrap. Enquiries re class eligibility and TB Club email: events@ihwt.ie

Prizes: Rosettes and TRI Vouchers 1st to 4th place. Voucher values €75, €50, €30, €20
Veteran prize: voucher €25

The Top 2 placings qualify for the Show Series Final at Tattersalls Show 22/23rd July.
The Champion and reserve from the Final /championship will also qualify for the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) national Championship Show at Aintree, uK in August – to compete in *Either in the RoR Eilte Showing Series Final or in The RoR Amateur Ridden Show series Final. *To complete in the RoR Elite Showing Series Final, the horse must have raced in Great Britain. If the horse has not run in GB, provided an amateur showing person rides him, he is eligible to go in the RoR Amateur Ridden Show series Final. Costs of travel to Aintree and accommodation for horse and riders is sponsored through the IHWT TB Club.

Class 47

Celtic Equine  – Working Hunter Horses and Cobs having not more than 15 SJ1 points prior to date of show.

Course will consist of 6 to 8 Hunting Type fences (max height 0.9m & max spread 0.9m).

Entry Fee: €8

Prizes: 1st €50; 2nd 30; 3rd €20

To be judged after class 46

Class 48

The Thomas O’Brien Livestock Haulier

Ladies Side Saddle for Mare or Geldings 5 Years Old & Over

To be ridden side saddle by riders who have attained their 16th birthday.

Entry Fee: €8

Prizes: 1st €50; 2nd 30; 3rd €20; 4th €10

Class 49

Driving Class.

Prizes: 1st €40; 2nd €30; 3rd €20.

Entry Fee: €8

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