Ring 4 Led Ponies

Adamstown Show is cancelled for 2020 and will return in 2021


A Message from our Committee:

10th April 2020

It is with a heavy heart that the Adamstown Show Committee have made the arduous decision to cancel our upcoming Show for 2020, due to the unprecedented and exceptional circumstances regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognising the ongoing and increased uncertainty of Covid-19 the wellbeing of everyone from our members, volunteers, sponsors, competitors, exhibitors, attendees to the service providers and of course the entire nation is of paramount importance to us all and were all at the forefront when making this decision.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone and be sure to follow HSE guidelines and we hope to see you all at The Adamstown Show in 2021.



Ring 4 – Led Ponies 

The Irish Pony Society present the qualifiers that will operate in conjunction with the I.P.S. pony classes.  The final of all these championships will be held at the I.P.S. Championship Show.

Class 52

Best Pony Brood Mare 3 year old & over and not exceeding 14.2 H.H. (148cms) in Foal or with Foal at Foot by a Stallion not exceeding 15 H.H.

Certificate of Coverings by pony stallion may be asked for by judge.
Prizes: 1st €50; 2nd €30; 3rd €20; 4th €10.

Entry Fee: €8 

Class 53

Best Foal by a Pony Stallion not exceeding 15 H.H. The progeny of a Mare in Class 49, Sire of Foal to be named. Foal to be led at all times.

Prizes: 1st €50; 2nd €30; 3rd €20; 4th €10.

Entry Fee: €8

Class 54

Best Yearling Pony Colt/Gelding/Filly not exceeding 140cms. Likely to make a child’s riding pony.

Prizes: 1st €35; 2nd €25; 3rd €20; 4th €10.

Entry Fee: €8 

Class 55

Best two & three year old pony Colt/Gelding/Filly not exceeding 143cms. Likely to make a child’s riding pony.

(conditions as class 54) 

Class 56

Pure Bred Welsh Pony (any age or sex).

Registration number must be forwarded with entry.

(If sufficient entries,this class will be divided)

(conditions as class 54) 

Class 57

Part bred  Welsh Pony, 1,2,3, year old Colt/Geld/Filly.

Registration number to be forwarded.

(conditions as class 54)

Class 58

Part Bred Welsh Pony 4 year old Colt/Geld/Filly

(conditions as class 54)

Class 59

Pony Stallion not exceeding 153cms, 3 year old & over with Stud Book qualification.

(Conditions as class 54)

Class 60

Local Non Reg. Ponies (Young Stock 1, 2 & 3 y.o)

(Conditions as class 54)

Class 61

Mountain & Moorland Inhand Class Colt/Fillies/Geld – Any Age.

(conditions as class 54)

Class 62

The Irish Shows Association & Ballinasloe Show Society present

The Connemara Three Year Old Filly All-Ireland Championship.

Sponsored by Ballinasloe Registered Connemara Pony Owners & Fr. Christy McCormack

Prize Fund: €1,000

Rules & Conditions:

1. This Championship is confined to Registered Connemara three year old fillies.

2. The progeny of Registered Connemara Sire & Registered Connemara Dam.

3. Exhibitors in both the qualifier and the final must have the CPBS Passport ready
for inspection prior to entry to the judging ring. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.

4. More than one Filly may be select at any qualifying Show to compete in the Final providing the judges and the I.S.A. agree that standard of entries warrant such selection

5. One of the Judges must be from CPBS Judges list.

6. Ponies qualified for final are not eligible to enter any other class at Ballinasloe Show.

7. Plaiting of Manes & Tails are not allowed for Qualifier or Final.

These rules should be read in conjunction with the Irish Shows Association rules.

Entry Fee: To Qualifying Show €10.  To Final €20

Prizes: 1st €300; 2nd €200; 3rd €150; 4th €125; 5th €100; 6th €100.

Final: Ballinasloe Show, Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Class 63

Connemara Pony 1&2 Yrs Old Fillies and Geldings

Prizes: 1st €25; 2nd €15; 3rd €10

Entry fee: €8

Class 64

Connemara Pony 3 Yrs Old Fillies and Geldings

(Prizes and Entry as Class 63)

Class 65

Connemara Pony Mares in Foal or Foal at Foot

(Prizes and Entry as Class 63)

Class 66

Connemara Pony Filly or Colt Foals

(Prizes and Entry as Class 63)


Class 67

Lead Rein Of Hunter Pony Type For Ponies 4 Years Old & Over. Not Exceeding 12 Hands (123cms). To Be Ridden By A Child Who Has Not Attained Their 8th Birthday On 1st January 2018.

  1. Ponies must be in snaffle bridles. They must be led by an adult and should be on a loose rein and will be required to trot.
  2. The attendant must affix the lead rein to the nose band on which it must remain while pony is in the ring.
  3. The rein must go directly from the bit to the riders hand with no extra aid or attachment to or on the saddle.

Children riding in this class are not eligible to ride in any other class. The pony must be led and should be on a loose rein, they will be required to trot.

Prizes: 1st €30; 2nd €25; 3rd €20; 4th €15; 5th €10; 6th €5.

Entry Fee: €8 

Class 68

Open Leid Rein Of Show Pony Type.

(conditions as class 67)

Class 69

Local Leid Rein for Ponies not exceeding 138cms, to be ridden by a child 5-8 yrs

Prizes in Kind

Entry Fee: €5

Class 70

Local Leid Rein for Ponies not exceeding 138cms, to be ridden by a child not exceeding 5 years.

Prizes in Kind.

Confined to Co. Wexford

Entry Fee: €5

NB Same pony rider combination in classes 65 & 66 are not eligible to enter local leid rein classes

NB First Ridden Pony Class in Ring 4


Class 71

First Ridden Pony Class for Ponies, Mares or Geldings 4 yrs old & over, not exceeding 123cms. Suitable for and to be ridden by a child who has not attained their 10th birthday on 1st January 2018. Ponies must be shown in single ring snaffle bridles. No cantering allowed except for individual performances. Ponies must leave the ring the walk or trot.

(Conditions as Class 72)

Mini Championship Class: Confined to 1st & 2nd prize winners in Lead Rein Classes, first ridden & working hunter cradle stakes.    



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