Show Jumping


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Show Jumping

NB: Show Jumping Commences at 10:30 a.m

Arena 1 – Horses (new arena)

      Prize Fund Entry
1.  1.10m Mervue Summer Tour
(Cooney Furlong)
  €1,000 Cup and Sash €30
2. 1.20m Mervue Summer Tour   €500 Crystal & Sash €30
3.  1.35 Mervue Lenister Summer Tour   €2,000 Crystal and Sash €40
4. 1.00 Young Riders
(T & A Byrne Farming Ltd)
  €300 Rug & Crystal €25


Arena 2 – Horses & Ponies

      Prize Fund Entry
5. 80cm Sportsman   €100 €20
6. 90cm   €100 €20
7. 1m sponsored by Leah Kent   €200 €25
8. 148 80cm   €80 €20
9. 148 90cm   €100 €20
10. 148 1m   €100 €20
11. 148 1.10m Slaney Meats Star Finder   €300 & Cup €20
12. .148 1.20   €100 €20

Arena 3 – Ponies

      Prize Fund Entry
1.    Newcomers 50cm In Kind €20
2.   Glencarrig Lady League Under 9yrs In Kind €20
3.   Glencarrig Lady League Under 11yrs In Kind €20
4.   128 70cm €75 €20
5.   128 80cm €75 €20
6.   128 90cm €75 €20
7.   128 1m €75 €20
8.   138 80cm €75 €20
9.   138 90cm €75 €20
10.   138 1m €75 €20
11.   138 1.1m €75 €20

Show Jumping Secretary – Meabh Byrne 087 1902841
Safety Officers –  Tommy Roche & Patrice Byrne
Course Builder – John Doyle, Michael Doyle & Michael Byrne


Conditions and Entry Rules July 2023

  1. No entries accepted without correct entry fee, close as follows, Livestock, Horticulture, etc on Thursday 23rd June 2023.
  2. Cheques,postal orders and all monies must be made payable to the ADAMSTOWN SHOW SOCIETY No refund on entries.
  3. All exhibits must be presented by 00 a.m.
  4. Rosettes, cards or badges of other shows not permitted on any
  5. All entries made by telephone must be followed by the correct entry
  6. Exhibits in all classes not to be removed before 30 p.m. (strictly)


  1. The committee will not be responsible for any loss, accident or damage to exhibits while at the Show or in transit to or there from. All entries are accepted at owner’s risk. No claim for compensation arising out of the show will be entertained by the committee. Neither will they be liable for any accident to any exhibitor or his/her servants, or any spectator
  2. The committee reserve the right to abandon or postpone the
  3. All horses shown in riding classes shall not be shown in hand expect in the case of special prizes.
  4. Exhibitors must satisfy themselves that their exhibits are in the correct class and correct number before the judging commences.
  5. The decision of the judges will be
  6. All dogs must be on a
  7. Pedigree or earmarked sheep exhibited in non-pedigree classes will be debarred from all classes.
  8. 5c in the euro will be deducted from all prize winners and forwarded to the S.A.
  9. All objections must be lodged with the secretary within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the class with a fee of €26 Livestock/Bloodstock classes and

€7 home Industry.

  1. Each Exhibitor must be prepared to certify all statements in his or her entry form in any manner the committee may require.
  2. All foals must have adequately haltered and let, the committee reserve the right to have any foal removed from the show grounds and to forfeit their entry fee if not properly let or haltered.
  3. In the event of an appointed Judge mot being available on the day of the show the committee reserves the right to appoint a Judge.
  4. The winner of any cup shall be responsible to the secretary for its safe keeping and delivered to the society in the same condition in which it was received not later than June 1st, 2023.
  5. B. All entry forms must be completed in full.
  6. Each exhibitor is advised to have their own Liability
  7. All Perpetual Cups and Trophies must be signed for on receipt of


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